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Evolving Indeed’s Advertising Technology to Help Employers and Agencies Drive the Results that Matter Most

In today’s fragmented media landscape—with more than 100 social media sites and 40,000 job sites to consider—you know that matching the right candidate to the right job, and then capturing their attention, is no small feat. 


At Indeed, we believe advertising technology can create more value for both talent acquisition professionals and job seekers. For job seekers, we want to provide an experience where they come to Indeed and search, apply, and interview for roles all in one day. For employers, we want to create a simple, results-focused experience to help you achieve your hiring goals—whether that’s improving time to hire, candidate volume, candidate quality, or a combination of all of those goals. 


To help make this future a reality, we’ve partnered with our sister company, Glassdoor,  to help employers reach millions of job seekers across Canada. Globally, Indeed and Glassdoor deliver over 3.5 times more hires than other branded job sites combined.*

What changes are coming?

Starting this quarter, employers will be able to use Indeed’s advertising technology to reach job seekers not only on Indeed and Glassdoor, but also on our Trusted Media Network, Indeed’s vetted network of specialized job sites and media publishers. This change will allow employers to extend the reach of their advertising campaigns and have the ability to plan, track, and manage their hiring campaigns across multiple platforms—all in one integrated experience.


We’re also investing deeply in optimization technologies that increase the relevance of our recommendations to job seekers and drive superior performance for employers. As a result of these changes, in the first four months of 2021, employers received more apply starts per job than non-Indeed-optimized campaigns, at a 27% lower cost and a 36% higher ROI. To ensure all our clients receive the best value, we will begin working with third-party partners to support the changes to our approach.


Finally, with a focus on ensuring job seeker privacy, Indeed will move away from browser-side tracking and invest more in direct connections with your ATS. This includes improving the reach and feature set of Indeed Apply along with new capabilities with ATS partners.  


What does this mean for employers?

With Indeed advertising technology, employers start by setting tailored campaign objectives. Indeed automatically optimizes campaigns to deliver candidates in line with preselected objectives, reaching job seekers across all of Indeed’s ad channels and services. This approach helps employers to get the right ads in front of the right talent, on and off Indeed. As part of this experience, we also provide insights that help you evaluate performance and adjust your strategy to ensure you make the hires you need with the best return on investment.


To learn more about what Indeed’s job advertising technology can do for you, reach out to your Indeed representative. 

* BreezyHR Source of Hire Report 2019 (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter)

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